Alpha-Lipoic acid

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

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What is Alpha-Lipoic acid

Alpha-Lipoic acid is a vitamin-like substance produced by the body itself that was isolated from liver tissue and described (characteristics, function) in the 1950s. It is often called the "universal antioxidant" because it is an excellent "radical scavenger".

Because humans can only produce a small amount of lipoic acid from fatty acids, these must be ingested with food and as a dietary supplement. Lipoic acids are present in foods such as red meats, liver, heart, and kidney, as well as in vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, green beans, etc..

The dispelled and highly purified Alpha-Lipoic acids from Cosomed have a purity level of >98%. One packet of "Alpha-Lipoic acid" contains 60 capsules, each with 300mg of Alpha-Lipoic acid.

What is Alpha-Lipoic acid used for?

Alpha-Lipoic acid functions as an antioxidant and is a component of three enzymes which play central roles in cellular energy production through the breakdown of glucose.

Antioxidants act as radical scavengers and therefore are physiologically very important. They capture the reactive oxygen species (ROS) whose excess leads to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is seen in connection with the emergence of a number of illnesses, and is assumed to be involved in ageing as well. With its ability to eliminate radicals, Alpha-Lipoic acid supplements the effect of other radical scavengers like vitamin E and vitamin C.

In the process of energy production in the mitochondria, key enzymes are heavily impaired by illnesses like infections, inflammations or tumors, and they urgently need provisions of coenzymes like the Alpha-Lipoic acids.

Alpha-Lipoic acid is also used in heavy metal poisoning and is thus a good means to free the body of damaging heavy metals.

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Cosomed GmbH - About the manufacturer

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Stability and performance of the immune system have a substantial role for our well-being. The body's defenses are an important factor in preventing, relieving, and healing illnesses. That is why Cosomed is devoted to researching new and unique products to strengthen and stabilize the immune system.

We invest a great deal of time and money in order to identify individual substances from the scientific findings of cancer research that might be the foundation for new dietary supplements.
Through sophisticated procedures, individual substances such as these can be highly purified and marketed even today as dietary supplements.
The combination of scientific foundation and highest purity leads to products based on the requirements for medicines.

That is how we create a novel and unique range of products for health-conscious people. Our products can be used for prevention and concomitant support of therapeutic measures.

Recommended intake and safety instructions

Recommended intake
Take two capsules of Alpha-lipoic acid (300 mg) once a day. Take the capsule half an hour before or two hours after eating. Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily intake. One daily dosage of two capsule contains 600 mg Alpha-Lipoic acid.

Mikrokristalline Cellulose, (±) α- Lponsäure, Gelatine

Safety instructions
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry location. The capsules do not contain coatings, are free of lactose, gluten, dyes, and flavoring.

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Order your monthly dosage with 60
300-mg-capsules now - with free shipping!